ZeoFill Pet Turf System:

To be installed on top of the turf

Most artificial grass products will never stain. But all of them will smell if you don't get rid of bacteria. ZeoFill will hold the bacteria and prevent it from turning into a gas. 

ZeoFill is 100% 
1. Listed as Organic by OMRI 
2. Natural Product
3. Permeable (drains through the product)
4. Safe for kids, pets and plants
5. Passed EN71-3 Toy testing by STMA
6. Passed Los Angeles Unified School District testing
7. Safe for all artificial grass types
8. Recyclable (LEED Points)
9. California approved by Proposition 65
10. Can help cool your turf by evapotranspiration 
11. Approved by AstroTurf for sports fields
12. Does NOT swell when wet. 
13. Most importantly: Does not have "Quartz" which contains Crystalline Free Silica known to cause cancer or birth defects by the State of California. Most all zeolites in the world has quarts but ZeoFill is the only zeolite which does not have quartz. This what makes our zeolite the Premium Brand. 

ZeoFill help control odors in the artificial grass. 

WORKS FAST — ZeoFill starts working immediately on existing turf odor. On new installation prevents any odors from developing. This Pet System is used and approved by many turf manufacturers and their installers. 

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - ZeoFill will stimulate growth of real plants by releasing beneficial elements into the environment.

What is ZeoFill made of?

ZeoFill is a micro porous natural volcanic mineral called zeolite that’s negatively charged. Only three elements on the planet are negatively charged. This material has a unique property that helps remove ammonia odors by use of a chemical catalytic reaction. ZeoFill has been approved by the majority of turf manufacturers in the USA as being the purest zeolite product which will not harm the turf fibers. 

What makes the difference in the ZeoFill vs other zeolite companies?

The purity level is based on what elements are mixed with the zeolite product. Most zeolites have quarts, chromium, lead, silica, clay and in most cases glass which can harm the turf fibers. ZeoFill has a 98% purity rate meaning it does not contain any of the harmful elements.  

Because of the purity in ZeoFill, the absorption rate is the highest at 80% of its weight. No other zeolite in the world has the same absorption rate. 

Why do zeolite companies have different impurities?

Millions of years ago when volcano’s erupted, the ash which consists of burning elements penetrated the earth in different locations on the ground.  The impurities depended if the ground had different elements properties mixed in with the ash as it penetrated. 

ZeoFill ash on the other hand, landed in purified water in the Mojave Desert when the desert was underwater. By landing in this water only the burnt ash remained. There are no impurities except the clay which was under the water. ZeoFill is the only known company with this purity level.   

What happens to my turf if I use another type of zeolite product?

From 2006 to 2011 several grass companies used a product with 84% purity level. Those companies revealed a problem which the turf fibers started to fall out the turf backing. Under investigation by the manufacturers, this infill had not been approved and the problem was not under warranty.  One certain turf company sought out for a solution and found a new zeolite mine which had an amazing purity level.  They sent the zeolite out for testing at all manufacturers in the USA. So far, ZeoFill is the only zeolite company which is approved by the turf manufacturers. Major Manufacturers in the USA including SYNLawn, SGW, Controlled Products, STI, ForeverLawn, HD Turf, AstroTurf, Act Global, Global Syn-Turf, and more. 

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Best Artificial Grass Infill for pet owners

Even if you don't choose Grass For Dogs to install your project, make sure the company you use installs ZeoFill if you have pets. ZeoFill helps control the pet urine odors which will become present when hot weather arrives. Some companies claim that their turf doesn't stink but make sure you have that in writing because it is definitely not true. The urine remains in and under the turf. The ammonium will adhere to silica sand or rubber and the bacteria will grow in hotter weather. ZeoFill is the best turf deodorizer on the market. Don't be fooled by imitators installing cheap zeolite and calling it ZeoFill. Make sure you watch your installers to make sure they do not switch to the cheaper zeolite. 

ZeoFill does not process in paper bags. It is only filled in the logo'd bags shown to the right. 
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In the success of ZeoFill's premium zeolite in artificial turf, zeolite competitors are trying to jump into the pot by selling their inferior zeolite cheaper. Unfortunately due to their zeolite not working in artificial turf this is causing issues with using zeolite period.  Owners of ZeoFill has always said their zeolite is different than the typical zeolite and wish ZeoFill was never in the zeolite category.

Issues are: 
1. Discoloring turf or colored concrete white due to calcium in inferior zeolite. 
2. Impurities are heavier and travel to the bottom of the turf like gold does when shaken. The impurities block the drainage holes and causes flooding. 
3. Sharp impurities cut the turf fibers in heavy usage.
4. Absorption rate decreases due to all the impurities in the zeolite. 

ZeoFill's zeolite is different than other zeolites as all of the mentioned above does not apply.  

Since 2015, What has been happening in the turf industry.  NBC News had announced that crumbed rubber has been causing cancer to young female goalies on soccer fields. Municipalities have been canceling projects due to this catastrophe.  

In 2016, ZeoFill has been accepted as a choice infill to replace the rubber granules by placing a padding under the turf and using AstroTurf's DT grass with ZeoFill as the infill. 

In 2017, ZeoFill infill is installed in over 43 sports fields with great success. ZeoFill is holding up to the continued high traffic usage. 

New in 2017 for large projects, 
ZeoFill endorses a new system in which makes dog parks, kennels and pet hospitals easier to clean. Airfield Systems has a product in which is placed under the turf to provide space to place ZeoFill underneath to encapsulate the urine under the turf. This system holds the ZeoFill even after continuous spraying water on top the turf. 

Regular installations require ZeoFill to be added on top of the turf. This system allows the ZeoFill to be 
applied under the turf where the urine will be absorbed. This system does not change how ZeoFill is 
installed. It is just a better system for larger pet projects. 

Why can't I just use the Airfield system without ZeoFill? 
If ZeoFill is not installed with Airfield, then urine odor will be present at all times. Using ZeoFill will help 
eliminate the orders for much longer periods of time resulting in saving of cleaning supplies. Using both
Airfield and ZeoFill will be a win win situation.