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Artificial Grass for Dogs:SHARED by 
you and your pets, and it looks beautiful
and lush all the time - rain or shine!

Won't spot or stain 
Is easily sanitized, groomed and cleaned
Can handle daily traffic, ruff and tumble play, even in wet weather.

  • Helps to eliminate dirt and dust inside your home.
  • No more brown spots
  • Less cleaning - indoors and out!
  • No more unwanted holes
  • Pets love to play on it
  • Dogs scratch their backs on it
  • Fleas and Ticks don't like it
  • And best of all, remove urine odors with ZeoFill infill

Synthetic turf better known as artificial grass has enjoyed
increased use with pets for both residential and commercial projects because it works!

Pet kennels, doggie-day-care facilities, veterinary clinics, even California-based locations of the Humane Society has adopted artificial grass surface products because they work!

Whether you share a lawn area with your pet or want to provide them a great, clean place to play outdoors, in any weather, look to synthetic turf and artificial grass for a great solution!

One Thing For Sure Synthetic Turf is An Option for Pet Owners! 
Artificial Grass can handle Big and Little Dogs 

Some of the busiest professional kennels in the country use Artificial Grass For Dogs

Isn't your pets worth it?

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