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Why does my synthetic grass stink in hot weather?

You are wanting to have a party in your backyard but when you go outside to set up your party favors, you notice a bad stench in the air. Dog urine smell is slowly increasing destroying your weekend  plans. 

If you have dogs using your turf as a restroom, then you have ammonia bacterial spores growing under the turf system. The bad bacteria loves heat and will grow fast under the turf as the weather becomes hotter. 

How do I get rid of the smell? 

1. Maintenance is the key to owning artificial grass. Knowing how to control the bacteria from growing. Destroy the bacterial spores using an enzyme cleaner like PE-51 which has a Fresh Cut Grass scent. 

2. When you purchased your turf, did the sales person suggest you use a deodorizer infill on top and below the turf? Usually this is an up-charge in which most are not willing to spend, but should have! 

Deodorizing infill such as ZeoFill zeolite granules captures the urine before it travels under the turf. As your animal pees, the urine liquid is mostly absorbed in the ZeoFill granules like a sponge. The rest can travel under the turf. This is where having ZeoFill on top and under the turf. 

ZeoFill works two ways;

When urine turns to ammonia gas under the turf, ZeoFill will capture the gas before it starts to rise up. Whatever gas escapes the ZeoFill under the turf,  the ZeoFill infill on top will catch the gas as it rises upward. 

What can cause the zeolite not to work? 

1. Using a zeolite other than ZeoFill. 
2. If your installer does not install the correct amount of ZeoFill.
3. You have smaller than 300 square foot of turf with multiple dogs. 
3. If you have too much bacterial spores inside the ZeoFill granules. 
4. Not done your turf maintenance such as cleaning with enzymes.   
5. You used a harsh chemical such as bleach on the turf. 
6. You are providing your dog with a high protein dog food or fish oil.