Pet Maintenance:

Pet Turf Maintenance is simple with synthetic pet grass. Solid waste should be removed as you normally would clean up after your pet. Any remaining debris can be washed off with a hose and can be cleaned up with simple household cleaners.

With the use of artificial turf, there is no concern for staining or discoloration, regardless of what messes your pet can create. 

Artificial grass remains durable for many years depending on the care you put into it.  Removing smaller objects, such as leaves, twigs or paper products can help ensure a healthy look or your artificial grass.  If the blades of the fibers lay down often, use a  standard stiff-bristled broom and pushing against the grain of the turf will help the fibers stay upright. 

No matter which artificial turf brand you purchase, all turfs will drain better than real grass due to the underlayment used. Any liquid will drain easily through either the perforated holes or the felt backing. 

The many advantages of using synthetic grass for pets are numerous. From its easy maintenance and natural feel, to its safe materials and durability, artificial grass products prove to be a great alternative to natural grass. 

If your grass stinks from urine. Use Zeofill turf deodorizer on top of your grass. This product can be applied with your existing infill including rubber, silica sand or other turf infills. 

If your turf need extra care, try PE-51 enzyme cleaner. 

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PE-51 is the best enzyme cleaner on the market. It comes with a spray nozzle which properly dispenses accurate measurement of PE-51 and garden hose water. 
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Backyard Deodorizer™ Processed by ZeoFill the Leading Zeolite Infill for Synthetic Turf 
#1 Artificial Grass After-Care Top Fill​

Backyard Deodorizer™ is 100% All Natural, Eco-Friendly, Highly Absorbent, Non-toxic, Quartz-free, Chemical free, Fragrance free, Odorless, Non-hazardous, Non-flammable, Liquid Sustainable, Non-Caustic, and Proposition 65 Safe granular that removes odors caused by urine. 

Used as an after-care product for any turf infill. Sprinkle Backyard Deodorizer on top the grass and brush in using a stiff broom. Make sure the granules are inside the turf fibers for best results. Use as needed. 

Intensive testings have proven Backyard Deodorizer™ superior zeolite absorbs 80% of its weight in liquids, leaving the nearest competitors product literally in the dust. 

Backyard Deodorizer™ is California Proposition 65 Safe and has been listed as Organic by (OMRI) Organic Material Research Institute. It does not contain any chemicals to cause issues in turf. 

Backyard Deodorizer™ is designed to absorb urine preventing ammonia to turn into a gas. Other similar products claim to neutralize the urine, not even close. The zeolite does not neutralize anything. It absorbs the urine and holds the gasses in it molecular chamber. The bacteria still is present. These other companies need to realize how zeolite works. All because you don't smell urine doesn't mean the harm is gone. 

Since ZeoFill is the only zeolite infill product recommended by the LAUSD, Backyard Deodorizer™ which is made from the same material, is the best after care product. It is 100% natural and better for your pets than rubber or silica, which by some have claimed serious and inherent health issues. 

Backyard Deodorizer comes in 4 lb or 8 lbs containers.